Bar Mitzvah

We recognize that Mitzvahs can be stressful for both the child and their parents.

We help take the stress out of the event. We take a light approach to put people at ease. We start with a game plan developed with the family, then ad lib to capture the moments that make this day special. Want to change things up as we go? No problem and no extra charge.

Together we will make lasting memories of your child’s Mitzvah.

Our Four Step Process

  • Planning: Starts with a 30 minute in person or phone brainstorming session in which we pre-visualize the experience(s) you wish to capture at the temple and celebration sites. We listen to what you want and offer our own ideas too for how the event could be covered and what to do with the resulting photographs. We develop a preliminary shot list, including the “must have” photographs that will guide how we will capture the event.  Clients find this brainstorming opens their eyes to possible uses for their photos which they may not have thought of before, including photo albums, wall art, gift prints, etc.  It is our experience that absent this session, the resulting photos are often relegated to the electronic filing cabinet and that is a waste!  

  • Capture: What we do and how we do it is driven by the game plan we develop in the Planning session. And of course we can and will ad lib as we go. Most clients want photographs at the temple simulating parts of the ceremony, plus organized family photos. Our “shot list” will ensure that relatives are not forgotten nor are “must have” combinations of people. After the temple, we capture the celebration whether it is a luncheon, a party or both, again guided by our shot list. Breakaway Images is always on the alert for interesting unscripted moments that help tell the story of the day. We generally capture 30-50 images/hour of coverage.

  • Create: No client involvement.  These are the hours in which BIP culls and edits photos to bring out their best. We perform a round of retouching, if needed, on up to 20 images after client selects their favorite images. Results may vary, but clients generally receive 15+ images/hour of coverage

  • Delivery: The best images from the Create phase. Delivery within one week via a viewing gallery, Dropbox, Google Drive or other means that work for the client.  Our finished product includes both high and low resolution (optimized for sharing online) images.  BIP can, at client's request, have high quality albums and/or prints made at a professional lab or work with them to develop wall art, etc.  Standard BIP charges apply.

Our work is 100% guaranteed.  If you are not delighted, we will work with you until you are.   

Investment is based on Event Coverage time. 

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