Three Clicks to the Left / by Ed Shanahan

No this isn't a great photo.  It's just a shot of a camera.  Why the title 3 Clicks to the Left?

While driving through Yellowstone on our recent trip there, a large bull elk appeared from nowhere on the right side and ambled across the road in front of our vehicle only to disappear into the woody hillside on our left.  From start to finish it took seconds.  We of course whipped out our cameras which were not set to take this shot and frantically shot and adjusted ISO, f-stop, shutter, focus, all while quickly changing lenses.  Only one of us, Jeff, located on the left side, got a shot he deemed worth keeping.  

Later Jeff mentioned what he was doing while we were shooting, looking at our settings and shooting again.  He mentioned going 3 clicks to the left and none of us initially "got it".  What he was explaining is he kept shooting and never moved his eye from the camera all while making adjustments "blind", including moving one key dial "3 clicks to the left".

Lesson learned - know your camera like the back of your hand or risk missing great shots.  Well done Jeff and point taken!