Engagement Photos - Kim & Chris / by Ed Shanahan

Last weekend I had the pleasure to take Kim and Chris's engagement photos.  Kim and Chris are friends and cycling buddies who are relocating to Atlanta.  They wanted shots that would hold memories of their time living in the Washington DC area, so we decided to use the DC Mall as a backdrop and to take photos of them with monuments and famous landmarks in the background.  We dodged crowds by the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, stayed on the right side of NPS Photography guidelines (meaning minimal gear) and went from place to place often ad libbing and taking shots we had not planned, but ones that seemed just right. We ended the day with photographing then at night with flash fill and monuments in the background.  Here is one that I especially like.  To see more of my favorites, please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/breakawayimages/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel