What doesn't fit in this Photo? / by Ed Shanahan

Yep, high school cheerleaders greet PMC riders at breakfast at 4AM the first Saturday of each August.  The "what doesn't fit" in this photo is JZ, one of my PHAT Tuesday teammates and a long time rider of the PMC.  We head to Sturbridge for checkin and opening ceremonies in a couple of hours.  Then 192 miles of riding Saturday and Sunday to raise awareness of what cancer research and treatment can do to make a difference.  And of course to raise money towards this year's $46MM goal.  Thank you to the 136 people so far who have helped me raise a new record of  $16,300 this year and almost $73,000 since I started doing this ride 5 years ago.  You guys rock!  www.pmc.org/es0193.