Sometimes you are the Windshield, sometimes you are the Bug / by Ed Shanahan

First the good news.  So far over 136 people have donated over $16,370 towards this year’s ride, breaking last year’s record of $15,680 and bringing the total to over $73,240 since I began this quest in 2012.  You are amazing!  

When you raise a lot of money in PMC-parlance you are known as a “Heavy Hitter” and they put a special badge on your name and bike tags.  When you raise in the top 10%, they color code your badge in gold and add “Top 10%”.  This is the name tag I wore this year.  Because of your generosity, I was once again in the top 10% as I have been for each year that I have ridden. To those who supported my ride, thank you for that honor (if you have not donated but wish to you still can at

Now for the not so-good news - I was not able to finish the ride.  Many of you are already aware of this from Facebook or if you are a donor, from my email.  My back went out after 25 of 80 miles on Sunday and I had to drop out.  

I have been to this rodeo before and am chilling at my brother’s house, babying my back and waiting for it to “unkink”.  If all goes according to plan I will drive home Wednesday.  I would have liked to have finished the ride but in the scheme of things not being able to do so is not much to lose.  Life goes on and your dollars are bringing us close to a cure for cancer.  Thank you!