Yellowstone 2016 and the Elk Rut / by Ed Shanahan

Last Saturday I arrived in West Yellowstone MT for a week of shooting with seven friends from across the USA.  Many of us have shot together in Zion National Park UT, Page AZ, Iceland and other locations.  All are accomplished photographers and just great fun to be around.  As with other trips this has been a "get up at 3AM or so, drive and shoot all day, eat when and what you can, go to bed late and exhausted and repeat the next day" type of trip.  We have been out in sub freezing weather, severe rain storms, warmer afternoons with blue skies and have experienced the beauty of nature and wildlife in an intense and memorable week.  Special thanks to Jeff Pederson of Red Cliffs Photography (, one of the hardest working and most gifted photographers I know for arranging this trip and serving as our tour guide.

One of the reasons we picked this time of year to come to Yellowstone, a park teeming with wildlife, is that this is the season of the elk rut and the time when all animals make their final preparations for winter, which at this altitude is coming very soon.

I plan to share some photos and thoughts in blog postings over the coming days.  For now, here is a photo of a mating bull elk which I took on Monday.  More to come!