Coyote on the Hunt, Scene II / by Ed Shanahan

The other day I wrote about a coyote on the hunt in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley.  Here is another shot of him as he approached the downed bison.  He was pretty far from us so even with a long lens (750MM equivalent) the shot is not crystal clear.  The coyote was VERY leery of predators as he approached a feast that would be the focus of many animals including wolves and grizzlies.  He approached and retreated in a circuitous route.  Each time as he closed in the wolves, located about a mile away across the plain, let loose with howls of warnings.  The wolves were more than capable of chasing him down and killing him should he try to eat "their" kill.  Why weren't the wolves on the kill themselves?  Grizzlies.  We didn't see one but assumed the wolves could smell one approaching.  The wolves bided their time.  We learned that later in the day that the kill had indeed been partially eaten by the wolves.  Presumably the grizzly never appeared on the scene..