Buffalo and Aspens, Lamar Vally, Yellowstone National Park / by Ed Shanahan

Buffalo are everywhere in Yellowstone National Park.  They come up to your car, block the road and seem almost (almost!) like pets.  But of course they are wild animals.  Rarely do you see them in the midst of a beautiful landscape, just waiting to be photographed.  This was one such time.  We had left a coyote circling the dead bison, only to be warned off by the wolves, chased and photographed galloping antelope while driving over 60 mph, stopped and photographed a family of otters playing while they swam to upstream to their den and then this appeared.  I plan to learn about luminosity masks, an advance Photoshop technique, so I can re-edit his image and make it appear closer to the grandeur that I saw.  What an amazing place!