MLK, Lincoln and Cherry Blossoms / by Ed Shanahan

In honor of Martin Luther King Day I decided to check through my catalog of photos and see whether I had one that did justice to the day.  I looked at quite a few and think this one is appropriate.  I took it from near the Jefferson Memorial, which is a tribute to the man who made famous in America's founding document, the phrase that "all men are created equal".  The photo looks across the Tidal Basin and captures Lee House, where Robert E Lee lived and Arlington National Cemetery, which was created out of the Lee estate during the Civil War, a war fought in large part over slavery.  And it captures the Lincoln Memorial, built in honor of the man who abolished slavery in the USA.  Lincoln was also the first US President to invite an African American (Frederick Douglass) to dine with him in the White House as an equal.  And of course it shows the MLK Memorial built in honor of a man I recently heard referred to as a modern founding Father, in the foreground.