A Popup Product Photography Studio / by Ed Shanahan

I decided it was time to sell some no longer used camera gear on eBay so I created a "popup" Product photography studio so I could photography the items, showing their "best".  The "studio" was pretty simple: A large sheet of white paper for the backdrop and base, two speed lights pointed up at the white ceiling to generate soft light, and a piece of white foam core board to the right to block out any ambient light from the window (you can't see the foam core in this photo).  Results came out pretty well, but the shadows from the downward light were stronger than I anticipated so I lowered the power on the two original speed lights and set them in slave mode so they would go off when another light went off.  Then I added a third speed light on camera, also pointing at the ceiling but with a Flashbender modifier to direct some of the light forward onto the objects being photographed to reduce shadows.  Here is the "studio" and one of the photos.  What do you think?