The Best way to Photograph "Stuff" you plan to sell online / by Ed Shanahan

Last week I posted about how you can make great images of things that you want to sell in a home "popup" studio.  That setup required flash.  This week I am showing how you can make almost as good images with no expensive equipment or special expertise.  You can even photograph with your iPhone.  And the nicer your images, the more attractive your items will  look and the faster they will sell (and possibly for more money).

To make your item "pop" using natural light you need a few things: 1) a location by a window on a sunny day.  2) a backdrop that is of a different color than your object.  Black or white work best. 3) a piece of inexpensive white foam core board (just a few $$ at Staples). 4) an iPhone 5) your object cleaned with dust and fingerprints removed.

Place your object on your background which you have placed by a window and place the white foam core board just on the far side of the object from the window.  Light from the window will reflect off the foam core board and help eliminate shadows and a "muddy" look of your object.  Take a number of photographs of your object from close in.  Move the object around to show different angles and different light reflections.  Pick your "best" couple of photos, post them on eBay and get ready to count your earnings.  

Nothing special or fancy.  My setup is in the following photos.  What do you think?