Out running the storm / by Ed Shanahan

Two years ago this week I was in Iceland with a group of photographer friends.  In remembrance of this, I  thought I would repost a few photos from that trip.  

This photo is of sunset over a lava field on the south coast of Iceland, west of Kirkjubæjarklaustur.  Our intent was to drive east to shoot near the Iceberg Lagoon, but as we headed out we could see a nasty snow and rain storm flowing down from the glaciers from the north and moving west towards us.  Could we get through it in time for sunset?  You never know in Iceland where the weather is constantly in flux.  So we reversed course and headed west with no particular destination in mind, and kept in touch with each of the cars via walkie-talkies and looked for interesting places to shoot.  We found this spot just before sundown,  got off some shots, then were over taken by the storm.  What a day!

Iceland 2016 v-153.jpg