A Long Cold Night / by Ed Shanahan

Vestrahorn is one of the most iconic mountains in southeastern Iceland.  It is also one of the most difficult to locate, surprising given its size.  The roads to it are unmarked or mis-marked and GPS, well that does not work so well.  We cruised back and forth trying to find an access point that would get us close to this location before the sun rose at appx 3:30AM (it never really gets dark).  And yes given that this was Iceland we had fierce winds and a few significant snow storms.  We finally negotiated entry by crossing private property, with permission, and set up on sand dunes waiting for a sunrise that never really came.  When the wind gusts got fierce we shielded our gear by facing it and turning our backs to the wind and the blowing sand and snow.  Even though the sun never shone, it eventually got light enough that the mountain emerged from the fog.  What a beautiful site.

The white on the beach is freshly fallen snow that covers the black lava sand.  

Iceland 2016 v-224.jpg